Spring Skincare Must-Haves

As the weather gets warmer, it's important to adjust your skincare routine to accommodate the changing conditions. Here are some Korean spring skincare must-haves that can help keep your skin healthy and glowing:


Lightweight Moisturizer

As the humidity increases in spring, heavy moisturizers can feel too greasy on the skin. Switch to a lightweight moisturizer that will hydrate your skin without weighing it down.

This moisturizing, cooling and soothing gel-cream is formulated with watermelon extract, ceramide 3, sodium hyaluronate, white mulberry leaf extract and oatmeal extract to boost radiance and glow. 


Spring is a great time to slough off dead skin cells that may have accumulated during the dry winter months. Use a gentle exfoliator once or twice a week to reveal brighter, smoother skin.
A lightweight treatment that helps clear and tighten pores. Perfect for people who suffer from enlarged pores and pore congestion in the T-zone area or on their cheeks.

Sheet Masks

Sheet masks are a great way to give your skin an extra boost of hydration and nutrients. Look for sheet masks that contain ingredients like hyaluronic acid, green tea, or vitamin C to help brighten and hydrate your skin.



A hydrating toner can help balance your skin's pH levels and prepare it for the rest of your skincare routine. Look for toners that contain ingredients like green tea, centella asiatica, aloe vera, or chamomile to soothe and hydrate your skin.

This watery toner delivers a fresh, smooth and hydrated finish without stickiness. Formulated with Panthenol, Madecassoside, Centella Asiatica Leaf Extract, Green Tea and Vitamin E. Panthenol strengthens the skin barrier and helps to maintain moisture which is effective in soothing skin irritation caused by dryness. Madecassoside calms down the irritated skin and helps to protect the skin from exterior stimulations. Centella Asiatica Extract is known for its excellent skin protection and skin calming effect.


Essences are lightweight serums that help hydrate and brighten the skin. They're perfect for spring when you don't want to weigh your skin down with heavy products. Look for essences that contain ingredients like niacinamide or snail mucin to improve skin texture and tone.

NUMBUZIN No.3 Super Glowing Essence Toner

Essence toner with 50 types of Fermented Ingredients and Niacinamide improve the appearance of dull and tired-looking skin, roughness and dryness glowing and radiant complexion.




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