Winter Skin-Care Routine Essentials

The cold winter weather can cause skin dryness and result in flaky and irritated skin. Very cold temperatures coupled with low humidity and strong winds rob your skin of moisture. It can be frustrating to have to deal with dry, cracked skin and lips during winter but, with the right products, you can solve your winter skin misery. 

Lip Care Products to Get Hydrated Lips All Winter Long

 PRRETI Honey and Berry Lip Sleeping Mask
Pamper your lips with this intensive honey care to help calm irritation while hydrating and restoring the moisture balance of your lips. This Lip Sleeping Mask contains acacia honey that creates a barrier to protect the sensitive skin of the lips from harsh environmental irritation and gives it a natural sheen. Vitamin C and a variety of antioxidants (berry complex) revitalize exhausted skin. Betaine and Trehalose provide a naturally moisturizing effect and maintain the skin's moisture barrier while improving moisture retention. 


A'PIEU Honey & Milk Lip Sleeping Pack
Containing milk protein extract, honey and Vitamin E acetate, this overnight lip pack helps to soften and moisturize lips while preventing the formation of wrinkles. Can also be used as a lip balm during the day.

G9SKIN Self Aesthetic Rose Hydrogel Lip Patch
An effective lip patch that improves wrinkles around the lips area and deeply hydrates for visibly fuller, smoother lips. The rose flower water-infused formula also contains hydrolyzed collagen and honey extract to help smooth fine lines, antioxidant-rich green tea extract, and moisturizing sodium hyaluronate.


Best Ceramide Moisturizers to Keep Your Skin Nourished & Hydrated During the Winter Months & Beyond

Using ceramides helps in restoring the skin barrier by providing natural lipids to the skin. A strong skin barrier prevents drying and dehydration of the skin.

ROVECTIN Skin Essentials Barrier Repair Cream Concentrate
An anti-aging, intense face moisturizer that helps restore damaged and irritated skin. ROVECTIN’s hydrating Barrier Repair Complex helps restore and repair the skin’s natural moisture barrier. It contains a high concentration of astaxanthin, a natural antioxidant found in microalgae known to be >6000 times stronger than Vitamin C and 550 times stronger than Vitamin E, and revitalizes dull and dry skin, in addition to providing nutrients to fight signs of aging. Ceramide strengthens your moisture barrier, rose oil hydrates dry skin and reduces signs of aging and raspberry oil provides moisturizing and antioxidant benefits for the skin.


 COSRX Hydrium Moisture Power Enriched Cream
This Hydrium Moisture Power Enriched Cream is for you if you have dry skin and need that extra hydration. The velvety texture helps in moisturizing and soothing dry and rough skin while leaving a fresh, non-greasy feeling. The combination of D-panthenol, ceramide, and propolis extract creates a “water blanket system” to build a skin barrier to keep moisture in for a long time. Try putting an extra amount of cream on before going to bed like a sleeping pack, for extra hydrated skin the next morning!


EYENLIP Salmon & Peptide Nutrition Cream
This regenerative nutrition cream formulated with salmon oil, ceramides, peptides and allantoin intensively moisturizes and nourishes the skin, reduces the severity of wrinkles and improves the texture of the skin. Salmon oil restores skin firmness and elasticity, reduces the depth of wrinkles and prevents the formation of new ones. Ceramide-3 restores and strengthens the skin’s moisture barrier preventing the evaporation of moisture. Suitable for normal, dry and combination skin types.


ILLIYOON Ceramide Ato Concentrate Cream
An intense moisturizer that replenishes dry, irritated skin with lasting hydration and visibly plumps the look of fine lines. With Soybean Ferment Extract, antioxidant-rich Ginseng Root Extract, and Ceramide Skin Complex, this moisturizer provides hydration and helps protect the skin‘s moisture barrier for a smooth, dewy, and healthy-looking glow. Ginseng Root Extract protects your skin against molecules in the environment that cause damage, such as environmental pollutants and UV rays. Ceramide Skin Complex prevents moisture loss and replenishes the skin barrier.


FARM STAY Ceramide Firming Facial Cream
Cream with ceramides helps to strengthen your skin's barrier and improves hydration. As a result, the skin is smoother and firmer, with reduced fine lines and wrinkles and less irritation. The cream also contains Centella Asiatica extract and Madecassoside, which improve the depth of wrinkles, help restore skin, relieve irritation, eliminate peeling and provide a lifting effect. The cream has a light texture that is quickly absorbed.


Best Nourishing Face Oils to Use During the Cold Winter Months

If you’re finding that your moisturizer isn’t doing the trick, a face oil might be what you need to replenish dehydrated skin. Unlike a serum, your face oil should go after your moisturizer. 

ROVECTIN Skin Essentials Barrier Repair Face Oil
The oil is easy to apply, absorbs quickly, and leaves you with a smooth, non-sticky finish. ROVECTIN Barrier Repair Face oil can be used alone, or as a part of your healthy skincare routine. ROVECTIN Barrier Repair Face Oil is designed with gentle botanical that nourishes the skin, including neroli oil, and antioxidant Vitamin E. This face oil absorbs quickly to hydrate, restore, and repair dull and damaged skin to uncover a more youthful and glowing complexion. It can be used alone or mixed with other products in your skincare routine, including moisturizers and foundation.


HEIMISH Marine Care Deep Moisture Multi Face Oil
A marine water-infused oil ampoule that hydrates, visibly plumps, smoothes, and boosts skin’s radiance while softening the look of fine lines and wrinkles. This fast-absorbing, lightweight oil can be added to face cream, and body cream and can be applied to hair for deeper hydration resulting in a healthy glow and softer hair.


Hydrating Body Creams to Heal Dry Winter Skin


TONYMOLY Wonder Ceramide Mocchi Water Cream
This hypo-allergenic watery cream nourishes weak, dry skin with a hydrating viscous texture so skin looks and feels stronger and healthier. Formulated with ceramides (5000ppb) that help reinforce the skin’s moisture barrier, this gentle cream provides daily care that helps strengthen, hydrate, and protect the skin so you can achieve smooth, bouncy, mocchi-like skin!

 ROVECTIN Barrier Repair Face & Body Cream 
Gentle, and ultra-hydrating face and body cream, with astaxanthin, ceramide, panthenol and peach kernel oil, delivers instant hydration and nourishment, promotes skin repair, and builds a resilient barrier against damage. Astaxanthin ultimately helps reduce moisture loss and keeps skin smooth. Ceramide strengthens the skin moisture barrier. Panthenol improves hydration and reinforces the skin's natural barrier. Peach kernel oil provides long-lasting hydration and helps rejuvenate wrinkles.


 Hand Treatments for Dry Winter Skin


KOELF Rose Petal Satin Hand Mask
A glove-shaped hand mask with moisturizing rose souffle essence that helps contour, soothe and refresh the skin. Ceramide, shea butter and glycerine nourish and repair dry skin. Hydrolyzed soy protein and sodium hyaluronate are ideal ingredients to hydrate thirsty hands.


FARM STAY Visible Difference Hand Cream Olive
An antioxidant-rich, moisturizing hand cream that provides a silky finish and lasting comfort. Concentrated with moisturizing active ingredients plus olive extracts, and soothing Camellia Sinensis Leaf Extract, this hand cream leaves skin soft and nourished. Its delicately perfumed, rich texture is instantly absorbed into the skin.


PETITFEE Dry Essence Hand Pack
A glove-type hand mask made from non-woven fabric hugs the hands seamlessly to allow maximum absorption of the hand cream and aloe extract for smoother, softer hands and cuticles. Urea, Shea Butter, 5 natural plant extracts, snail excretion filtrate, hyaluronate, collagen all work together to reduce the cracking and roughness of the skin and leave your hands feeling moisturized, pampered and smoother than before!



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